SAN DIEGO – April 24, 2017 – DockOn Inc., a leading innovator of wireless RF technology, is today announcing a collaboration with UCSD’s Center for Wearable Sensors and Dr. Patrick Mercier.  Professor Mercier is an Assistant Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering at UCSD and co-Director of the Center.  The joint project, titled “Theoretical Analysis and Silicon Validation of a Time-Variant Nonlinear Receiver: Quantal Amplifier (QA),” serves to advance the research community with the base technology and more importantly to DockOn will provide 3rd party validation of Quantal’s underlying technology.  As the title suggests, the project will focus on both silicon validation as well as development of mathematical models to describe the nonlinear behaviors of the technology.



About DockOn

DockOn is a global wireless RF technology company with offices in the US and Europe.  The company provides its Quantal Technologies to semiconductor manufacturer customers through wireless standard specific Reference Design Kit (RDK) licenses.  DockOn also licenses and sells its legacy CPL antenna designs for OEMs and ODMs manufacturing high volume wireless products.  Quantal Technologies deliver substantial improvements in weak signal reception, power consumption and cost when compared with today’s RF architectures.

DockOn Inc. is a wholly owned US subsidiary of DockOn AG – collectively known as DockOn.  While DockOn AG serves as the companies headquarters, San Diego, California based DockOn Inc. is the primary operations base for the company and is where all research, engineering, sales and support is located.

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